About Me

Hi, I'm Grace!

When I first started working in the travel industry, it was like a whole new world was opened up to me. I had no idea that there were so many unique places to visit and experiences to have. Things that aren't in typical guide books or advertised on TV.


For instance - did you know you can go on a safari in Africa Hemingway style? In tents (with proper beds and bathrooms) that are magically moved while you're on safari, so that you can go where the animals are? Or that you can experience Alaska on a small yacht, spending the night in Glacier Bay, and not visiting a single touristy city? Or that you can have a private dinner on The Great Wall?


The more I learned, and the more I thought about it, the madder I got. So many people were out there taking off the shelf vacations, not even aware that so much more was possible! And I don't want that to happen to YOU, so I've made it my mission to save as many people from average vacations as possible.


Your vacation should be more than days filled checking off boxes and rushing from one tourist attraction to the next.


It should be tailored to you and what excites YOU, not what some bot or random blogger thinks are the "Top 10 things you MUST SEE when you visit Italy!!"

Which of these would you rather experience?


So, what IS it that excites you?

Is it interacting with locals and seeing what life is like for them? Is it visiting historic sites with an expert who will share all it's little known secrets to you? Is it sampling local foods or eating at 5-star restaurants OR BOTH?


Whatever your dreams are, I want to help make those happen for you. I have a network of experts around the world that I work with to arrange experiences for you that you never dreamed possible!


How would you like to have a private tour of the Vatican after hours, when it's not crammed with tourists standing shoulder to shoulder? Or to attend an intimate performance by Andrea Bocelli - at his private home?


I can help arrange all of that and more.


I have years of experience making dreams like this come true for hundreds of travelers. Will you be next?


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