Let me handle all of the details!

If you've never used a travel agent before, you may be wondering what we do, and what the big deal is.

We do things a little differently around here.

This isn't some call center or online booking engine.  Everything we do is designed specifically for YOU from the flights to hotels, restaurant recommendations, tours... We never use the same trip twice (I mean, unless you love it so much you want to do it again. 🙂

So, if you've never worked with us before, here's a little overview of how it works.

Custom crafted vacations

Nothing is off the shelf, here! And no 2 vacations are ever alike. We design your vacation for YOU based on your preferences, interests, and the dreams you have for this vacation. 

Exclusive events and private access

We can get you exclusive access to people and locations that aren't available to the general public. We can also arrange private tours and after-hours entry to some of the most popular (and often crowded) locations.

Solo travel & small groups

Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, or with a small group of friends, we have you covered! And will work with you to make sure everyone has a great time, and everything goes off without a hitch. 

Here's how it works...

  • Consultation

    It's important that you feel comfortable with us, so the first step is a free "getting to know you" consultation where we ask you a bit about your travel style, and your dreams for this vacation, and you get to ask us questions about how we work. 

    We're not looking for a one night stand! We want to build a lifelong relationship here, so we want to take the time needed to make sure we're a good fit, before any commitments are made. 🙂 

  • Collaborate and Plan

    This is where the fun begins! We'll nail down the details and decide where you should go, where you should stay, what you should do, what to eat.... all the good stuff.

    Don't worry! If planning the vacation is something that brings you joy, you can help with this part! We'll be here to offer guidance and reign you in if your plans start to get too ambitious, but you'll definitely get to have your say.

    On the other hand, if you'd rather let us take on the bulk of the planning, we're good with that, too.

    Either way, what you'll have at the end, is something uniquely tailored to you and your vacation dreams. 

  • Book

    Now you get to relax, and let us do the dirty work.

    After we've finalized the plan, we'll secure all of your reservations, nail down dates, confirm reservations, and finalize the details like transfers, private guides, and special activities. 

    We'll also make sure all of your deposits and final payments are made on schedule.

  • BYE!

    Ok, I lied before. THIS is where the fun begins! 

    We've handled all of the details, now your job is to get out of here and enjoy your vacation. 

    Don't worry. if there's anything that doesn't go as planned we'll be here to make things right.

  • Post vacation debrief

    Remember when I said that I want this to be a long term relationship? 

    Well, the works not over just because you're home. We'll schedule a time to chat about your vacation and find out what was perfect, and what we can do better next time. 

    I'll be keeping track of these preferences so that I can refer back to them every time you plan a vacation with me. 

Want to know if I'm a good fit for you?

No pressure! It's not a sales call. It's just a chance to see if we're a good fit.